Decorating ideas with using the star ceiling

Work for my other half. This of course presented loss of revenue. Loss of any kind of semblance of pride as job applications and also returns to ring in nothing short of discouragement Loss of making use of my legs for 2 plus years. This loss caused the loss of my operate in interior design the loss of 2 buddies, one to cancer cells, one to suicide And also the loss of more relative than like count As the losses mounted, wearily stated: No More Losses Lord Say Goodbye to Paradise’s doors seemed closed to this statement. As a matter of fact, heaven’s doors seemed near to my capacity to listen to God’s voice or for God to listen to mine then came the stars anywhere turned, saw stars. It appeared they held a message. Yet, what in the beginning believed the celebrity sightings were simple coincidence.

star ceiling

However, they came in fast fire procession started to tape-record celebrity sightings in my nighttime journal. Celebrity of the Day was the name of my journal entry. Someday, my spirits were as reduced as they might obtain strolled in Harris Teeter with my head down, regretting a current loss. As I got to the automatic entryway doors a senior gentleman stated as searched for, he touched the border of his baseball cap and bowed his head ever so slightly. There on the idea of his cap was a celebrity. One more day, my hubby and took a day trip to my home town. Our little dog was taking a trip with us, so we pulled in to a local park where made use of to play as a little lady and also let her out for a run. Gingerly stepped out of the auto onto the grass- still having difficulties walking there at my foot was a blue rubber star ceiling.

The stars maintained appearing, generally when I was at my most affordable. Eventually, while sitting on my couch, covered in grief, listened to a lawnmower accelerate. I glanced nearby. There was my next-door neighbor Tom, wearing a grey tee-shirt with a significant red celebrity on the front one more day, saw with 2 senior high school friends in my home town. Satisfying at a restaurant, arrived early Sitting at a cubicle, awaiting their arrival, struggled to get my mindset in the direction of a much more silver lining. Ceiling fans circling carefully above captured my interest. They were the kind with blades shaped like hand leaves love those. Then saw the stars. They were repainted on the ceiling of the restaurant. Grasped the mug of cold tea in my hand with amazement then saw the stars encircling the side of my cup.