A guide to choose the right mattress for stomach sleepers – How to select the right mattress for stomach sleepers

       Stomach sleepers are very rare to find. Though unhealthy there are quite a number of people finding this position comfortable. As sleeping position is an inbuilt habit, it cannot be changed easily. But alternate solution can be found to enhance the drawbacks of sleeping on stomach. One such solution is finding the right suitable mattress from mattress firm Denver.

What are the ill effects of sleeping on the stomach?

  1. It causes digestion problems as more pressure is applied on stomach muscles.
  2. Stomach sleepers experience pain in the joints, neck and back. This is because most of the weight is in the middle portion of the body.
  3. Neck region is in the air in this position. Hence, is acted upon by gravity.

To overcome above difficulties, one should select the right mattress from the mattress firm Denver.

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            The mattress should be designed in such a way to give maximum support to the mid – section of the body. The foam mattresses are best suited for this. The foam material should help in pressure relief. Also, there should not be sharp points on the mattress as that of the peak and valley foam. This foam is meant for air circulation.


            The mattress for stomach sleepers in mattress firm should conform to the body. The conformity should be in such a way that every point is supported. It should not provide too much of hug. Too much of conformity makes the stomach sleeper feel like getting stuck in a quicksand. He feels helpless and trapped; especially while getting out of the bed.

Motion isolation

            Around 85% of stomach sleepers tend to change positions while sleeping. This is due to the discomfort caused by the position. Therefore, it is essential to find a mattress that offers perfect motion isolation.

Air circulation

            The lung muscles and the nostrils are trapped with minimal area to contact the air at this position. Therefore, as compared to other position, the percentage of oxygen inhaled is less. Therefore, the mattress for stomach sleepers from mattress firm Denver should provide enough space for air circulation. Latex mattresses are the best for good air circulation. This is mainly because of their natural porous quality that allows free flow of air inside and outside the mattress.

Happy sleeping!